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Managed Services (24 Hour Monitoring)

  • What will it cost you if your server crashes?
  • What if your employees spend just 30 minutes a day on Facebook?
    (30 x 5 days a week x 50 weeks a year = 125 hours x $30 (wages + benefits) = $3750 a year per employee!!)
  • What if your key employee's PC is brutally slow?

These are just 3 examples of the many issues that prevent business owners from recouping their investment in technology. SharkEye Tech's Managed Services provides the tools you need to not only save money on your computer investment, but to make money by knowing what is happening BEFORE it happens.

Our software tools monitor your computer systems 24 hours a day for potential hardware and software problems before they become BIG problems. Our software also allows us to quickly remote in and provide support immediately, rather than you having to wait until we drive out to your offices.

Network/Server Solutions

For customers who want the control and full functionality of server based solutions.

  • Microsoft Server technology
  • In-house email hosting
  • Dell high-availability Servers
  • Backup/Antivirus/Antispam solutions

On-Call Consulting

We will continue providing on-call support on an hourly rate for services such as troubleshooting servers, desktops, Internet, email, printers, backups, and of course, the dreaded virus cleanup.

Cloud-based Solutions

As the Internet grows we find more and more clients comfortable with the concept of storing their data or emails on a secure server located outside of their office.

  • No up front cost for server
  • No concerns about upgrading software
  • No concerns about data/email backup
  • 3rd party support
  • Easy access from office, home or when traveling

Online Backup

Backup tapes can be unreliable and backup hard drives are expensive. The possibility of a disaster, such as an earthquake, tornado, or flood makes having offsite backup storage critical.

This is why online backups are becoming popular with our customers.  They allow SharkEye Tech to setup our client’s backup and then just check their morning email for backup status reports.  No more switching tapes or worrying about offsite storage (such as having someone take them home). Should a problem occur we can troubleshoot it remotely, usually before you even notice.

Virus Cleanup and Protection

No single anti-virus solution catches everything, so occasionally you'll need a hand cleaning up an office (or home) PC. SharkEye Tech has the tools and expertise to get you back up and running quickly.

Security Audits

Hackers are becoming more creative. A security audit will tell you where your weaknesses are and how to close those holes in your systems.