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Managed Services | 24 Hour Monitoring | IT Consultant & Support

Managed Services

What if you knew exactly how much your IT support was going to cost every month, no matter how often your staff calls for help?

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Network/Server Solutions | IT Consultant & Support

Network/Server Solutions

For customers who need the control and full functionality of server based solutions

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On-Call Consulting | IT Consultant & Tech Support

On-Call Consulting

SharkEye provides on-call support at an hourly rate for services

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Cloud-based Solutions | IT Consultant & Tech Support

Cloud-based Solutions

As the Internet grows we find more and more clients comfortable with the concept of storing their data or emails on a secure server located outside of their office

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Online Backup | IT Consultant & Tech Support

Online Backup

The possibility of a disaster, such as an earthquake, tornado, or flood makes having offsite backup storage critical

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Virus Cleanup and Protection | IT Consultant & Tech Support

Virus Cleanup and Protection

No single anti-virus solution catches everything, so occasionally you'll need a hand cleaning up an office PC

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Security Audits | IT Consultant & Tech Support

Security Audits

A security audit will tell you where your weaknesses are and how to close those holes in your systems

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Remote Access | IT Consultant & Tech Support

Remote Access

Wouldn't it be nice to work from home and avoid the drive

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Web Design | IT Consultant & Tech Support

Web Design

Your web site needs to be visually attractive to capture visitors in order to deliver your message

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