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Pedro Pete Babiak | SharkEye Tech

Pedro "Pete" Babiak

Mr. Babiak was the owner of Lighthouse Computer Group, LLC and He has extensive experience in the technology consulting industry, having started with Arthur Anderson & Co. as a consultant and worked with large companies (Dial Corp, Quaker Oats, Ghirardelli, Golden Grain, Red Lion Inns, Doubletree Hotels to name a few).

He has worked extensively on small business technology solutions especially for lawyers, accountants, and medical offices using Microsoft and Dell products.

Mr. Babiak is a two-time past president of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Contra Costa County, as well as the two-time past president of the Contra Costa Taxpayers Association. He has also served on the following boards:

  • BART Police Citizens Review Board
  • Lindsay Wildlife Museum
  • Contra Costa County Workforce Development Board
  • Junior Achievement of the Bay Area - Regional Board
  • Contra Costa Council - Board Member
  • Contra Costa Council - Small Business Task Force Co-Chair

Lighthouse Computer Group was named Small Business of the Year for the Hispanic Chamber and recipient of Telemundo's Hispanic Business Salute award. Mr. Babiak was also named by the East Bay Business Times as one of their "40 Under 40" professionals. But he's not quite 40 any longer.

Willy Valera | SharkEye Tech

Willy Valera

Mr. Valera was the General Manager of Five Star Cleaners for 19 years. His strong business acumen led to his becoming CEO of London Jack’s Fine Cleaners, a position he held for 11 years. In these leadership roles, he contributed to the growth of both businesses as well as the enhancement of their technological processes. His aptitude for developing small companies into successful enterprises is apparent in each endeavor he’s made.

In addition to his high work ethic, Mr. Valera loves giving back to his community. A San Francisco native, he actively volunteers to feed the homeless at Bay Area shelters and has coached youth sports for over 25 years.

Mr. Valera’s extensive experience includes:

  • Training as a field wireman with focus in telecommunications in the United States Marine Corps.
  • Transitioning Five Star Cleaners, a startup local garment cleaning service, to a Bay Area provider with over 60 hotel contracts.
  • Implementing the Trackstar barcode uniform tracking system in business locations from Vallejo, California to Ontario, California.
  • Engineering networks for multiple offices which included internet, server, camera, telephone, and Point of Sale (POS) systems.

Mr. Valera brings a perspective unique among IT professionals - to see all of a customer’s needs, understand their budgets, and develop long term partnerships with them.