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Global Regulations

Global Regulations | SharkEye Technology Services, LLC

Data Protection Regulations: The "New Normal" For All Businesses

In today’s global information economy, your business data is the golden goose chased by cybercriminals. Given how this data has an endless life, who can ensure that it isn’t exploited for unsavory gains? Well, governments worldwide have stepped up to the plate.

Published on: 09/25/2023   |  Category:  Articles

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Fines, Penalties and Violations, Oh My!

Fines, Penalties and Violations, Oh My! | SharkEye Technology Services, LLC

Global data protection regulations (new or updated) are being enforced aggressively, resulting in a tsunami of hefty fines and penalties handed out to violators. The majority of these violations are a result of the failure to conduct regular risk assessments, which form an integral part of the ‘appropriate measures’ a business must take to ensure information security.

Published on: 09/18/2023   |  Category:  Articles

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Backup: Cover Your SaaS

Backup: Cover Your SaaS | SharkEye Technology Services, LLC

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications are more in use than ever before. Almost every company uses either one or the other SaaS application on a daily basis. The global SaaS market size is expected to reach $185.8 billion by 2024 as businesses move online and adapt to cloud for an agile and lean growth model. 

Published on: 09/11/2023   |  Category:  Articles

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Business Continuity Plan 101

Business Continuity Plan 101 | SharkEye Technology Services, LLC

If you want your business to remain competitive even during a business disruption, you need to self-reflect. 

Published on: 09/04/2023   |  Category:  Articles

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